October 7 2005

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October 7th, 2005 (October 07 2005)DeathCharles Rocket, American actor (born in 1949)
October 7th, 1985 (October 07 1985)EventThe "Achille Lauro" is hijacked by Palestinian terrorists.
October 7th, 1985 (October 07 1985)BirthEvan Longoria, American baseball player
October 7th, 1975 (October 07 1975)EventGerald R. Ford signs a legislation allowing women to apply for admission to the U.S. military academies, effective in 1976.Gerald Ford Quotes
October 7th, 1975 (October 07 1975)BirthTerry Gerin, American professional wrestler
October 7th, 1975 (October 07 1975)BirthDamian Kulash, American musician (OK Go)
October 7th, 1965 (October 07 1965)BirthGenji Hashimoto, Japanese racing driver
October 7th, 1955 (October 07 1955)EventBeat poet Allen Ginsberg reads his poem "Howl" for the first time at a poetry reading in San Francisco.
October 7th, 1955 (October 07 1955)BirthYo-Yo Ma, French-born cellist
October 7th, 1955 (October 07 1955)BirthRalph Johnson, American computer scientist
October 7th, 1945 (October 07 1945)BirthKevin Godley, British musician (10cc)
October 7th, 1935 (October 07 1935)BirthThomas Keneally, Australian authorThomas Keneally Quotes
October 7th, 1925 (October 07 1925)DeathChristy Mathewson, American baseball player (born in 1880)
October 7th, 1905 (October 07 1905)BirthAndy Devine, American actor (died in 1977)
October 7th, 1885 (October 07 1885)BirthNiels Bohr, Danish physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (d.1962)Niels Bohr Quotes
October 7th, 1865 (October 07 1865)EventThe Morant Bay Rebellion starts in Jamaica.
October 7th, 1835 (October 07 1835)BirthFelix Draeseke, German composer (died in 1913)
October 7th, 1825 (October 07 1825)EventMiramichi Fire, disaster in New Brunswick
October 7th, 1765 (October 07 1765)EventStamp Act Congress convenes in NY.
October 7th, 1555 (October 07 1555)DeathLouis of Praet, Habsburg diplomat (born in 1488)

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