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October 7th, 2006 (October 07 2006)DeathAnna Politkovskaya, Russian journalist (born in 1958)
October 7th, 1996 (October 07 1996)DeathGrigoris Asikis, Greek hero and Godied in A singer and songwriter. (born in 1890)
October 7th, 1986 (October 07 1986)BirthLee Nguyen, American soccer player
October 7th, 1986 (October 07 1986)BirthGunnar Nielsen, Faroese footballer
October 7th, 1986 (October 07 1986)BirthBree Olson, American adult film actress
October 7th, 1976 (October 07 1976)BirthTaylor Hicks, American musician
October 7th, 1976 (October 07 1976)BirthRachel McAdams, Canadian actress
October 7th, 1976 (October 07 1976)BirthSantiago Solari, Argentinian footballer
October 7th, 1976 (October 07 1976)BirthGilberto Silva, Brazilian footballer
October 7th, 1976 (October 07 1976)BirthCharles Woodson, American football player
October 7th, 1976 (October 07 1976)BirthMarc Coma, Spanish motorcycle racer
October 7th, 1966 (October 07 1966)BirthToni Braxton, American singer
October 7th, 1966 (October 07 1966)BirthMarco Beltrami, Italian-American film composer
October 7th, 1966 (October 07 1966)DeathSmiley Lewis, American musician (born in 1913)
October 7th, 1956 (October 07 1956)DeathClarence Birdseye, American inventor (born in 1886)
October 7th, 1946 (October 07 1946)BirthBernard Lavilliers, French singer
October 7th, 1946 (October 07 1946)BirthPengiran Anak Saleha, Queen of Brunei
October 7th, 1936 (October 07 1936)BirthCharles Dutoit, Swiss conductor
October 7th, 1926 (October 07 1926)BirthDiana Lynn, American actress (died in 1971)
October 7th, 1926 (October 07 1926)DeathEmil Kraepelin, German psychologist (born in 1856)
October 7th, 1916 (October 07 1916)EventGeorgia Tech defeats Cumberland University 222-0 in the most lopsided victory in American college football.
October 7th, 1906 (October 07 1906)DeathHonore Beaugrand, Canadian journalist and politician, mayor of Montreal (born in 1848)
October 7th, 1886 (October 07 1886)EventSpain abolishes slavery in Cuba.
October 7th, 1866 (October 07 1866)BirthWlodimir Ledochowski, Polish-Austrian director of the Society of Jesus (died in 1942)
October 7th, 1826 (October 07 1826)EventGranite Railway (first chartered railway in the U.S.) begins operations.
October 7th, 1816 (October 07 1816)EventThe first double-decked steamboat, the "Washington," arrives in New Orleans, Louisiana.
October 7th, 1796 (October 07 1796)DeathThomas Reid, Scottish philosopher (born in 1710) Philo Quotes
October 7th, 1786 (October 07 1786)BirthLouis-Joseph Papineau, Canadian lawyer and politician (died in 1871)
October 7th, 1776 (October 07 1776)EventCrown Prince Paul of Russia marries Sophie Marie Dorothea of Wurttemberg.
October 7th, 1576 (October 07 1576)BirthJohn Marston, English writer (died in 1634)John Marston Quotes
October 7th, 1506 (October 07 1506)EventPope Julius II and France occupy Bologna.
October 7th, 0336 (October 07 0336)EventPope Mark dies, leaving the papacy vacant.
October 7th, 0336 (October 07 0336)DeathPope Mark

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