October 7 2007

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October 7th, 2007 (October 07 2007)DeathNorifumi Abe, Japanese motorcycle racer (born in 1975)
October 7th, 2007 (October 07 2007)DeathGeorge E. Sangmeister, American politician (born in 1931)
October 7th, 1987 (October 07 1987)BirthJeremy Brockie, Australian footballer
October 7th, 1977 (October 07 1977)EventThe adoption of the Fourth Soviet Constitution.
October 7th, 1977 (October 07 1977)BirthBrandon Quinn, American actor
October 7th, 1977 (October 07 1977)BirthMeighan Desmond, New Zealand actress
October 7th, 1967 (October 07 1967)BirthLuke Haines, English musician (The Auteurs, Black Box Recorder)
October 7th, 1967 (October 07 1967)DeathNorman Angell, British politician and Nobel Laureate (born in 1872)Norman Angell Quotes
October 7th, 1957 (October 07 1957)BirthMichael W. Smith, American singer
October 7th, 1957 (October 07 1957)BirthJayne Torvill, British figure skater
October 7th, 1937 (October 07 1937)BirthMaria Szyszkowska, Polish politician
October 7th, 1927 (October 07 1927)BirthR. D. Laing, Scottish psychologist (died in 1989)
October 7th, 1927 (October 07 1927)BirthAl Martino, American singer and actor
October 7th, 1917 (October 07 1917)BirthJune Allyson, American actress (died in 2006)
October 7th, 1907 (October 07 1907)EventFrance s Henry Farman flies 30 m in a biplane.
October 7th, 1907 (October 07 1907)BirthVictor Paz Estenssoro, Bolivian politician (died in 2001)
October 7th, 1897 (October 07 1897)BirthElijah Muhammad, American Black Muslim leader (died in 1975)
October 7th, 1787 (October 07 1787)DeathHenry Muhlenberg, German-born founder of the U.S. Lutheran Church (born in 1711)
October 7th, 1777 (October 07 1777)EventAmerican Revolutionary War: Americans beat the British in the Second Battle of Saratoga, also known as the Battle of Bemis Heights.
October 7th, 1737 (October 07 1737)Event40-foot (12 m) waves sink 20,000 small craft and kill 300,000 (Bengal, India).
October 7th, 1637 (October 07 1637)EventPrince Frederick Henry of Orange occupies Breda.
October 7th, 1637 (October 07 1637)DeathVictor Amadeus I, Duke of Savoy (born in 1587)
October 7th, 1577 (October 07 1577)DeathGeorge Gascoigne, English poet

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