October 7th All Events

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October 7th, 3761 (October 07 3761)EventThe epoch (origin) of the modern Hebrew calendar (Proleptic Julian calendar). Julian Quotes
October 7th, 2007 (October 07 2007)DeathNorifumi Abe, Japanese motorcycle racer (born in 1975)
October 7th, 2007 (October 07 2007)DeathGeorge E. Sangmeister, American politician (born in 1931)
October 7th, 2006 (October 07 2006)DeathAnna Politkovskaya, Russian journalist (born in 1958)
October 7th, 2005 (October 07 2005)DeathCharles Rocket, American actor (born in 1949)
October 7th, 2004 (October 07 2004)EventKing Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia abdicates.
October 7th, 2004 (October 07 2004)DeathKen Bigley, British civil engineer, kidnapped and murdered in Iraq (born in 1942)
October 7th, 2003 (October 07 2003)EventGray Davis is recalled as Governor of California, three years before the official end of his office term. Film star Arnold Schwarzenegger is elected Governor.
October 7th, 2003 (October 07 2003)DeathIzzy Asper, Canadian tax lawyer (born in 1932)
October 7th, 2003 (October 07 2003)DeathArthur Berger, American composer (born in 1912)Ric Berger Quotes
October 7th, 2003 (October 07 2003)DeathWally George, American conservative TV commentator (born in 1931)
October 7th, 2002 (October 07 2002)EventMaher Arar is deported by the US government to Syria, where he is tortured and held without charge for a year before being returned home to Canada.
October 7th, 2001 (October 07 2001)EventThe U.S. invasion of Afghanistan starts with an air assault and covert operations on the ground.
October 7th, 2001 (October 07 2001)BirthPrincess Senate Seeiso, daughter of King Letsie III of Lesotho
October 7th, 2001 (October 07 2001)DeathChristopher Adams, British-born pro wrestler and judoka (born in 1955)
October 7th, 2001 (October 07 2001)DeathHerblock, American cartoonist (born in 1909)
October 7th, 2001 (October 07 2001)DeathRoger Gaudry, French Canadian chemist, businessman and corporate director (born in 1913)
October 7th, 2000 (October 07 2000)EventThe last ever competitive match at Wembley Stadium is a 1-0 defeat of England to Germany and the last goal was scored by Liverpool s Dietmar Hammann. The match was Tony Adams 60th at Wembley setting the record for most appearances at the stadium.
October 7th, 1998 (October 07 1998)EventGay University of Wyoming student, Matthew Shepard, is found tied to a fence after being savagely beaten by two young adults in Laramie, Wyoming.
October 7th, 1998 (October 07 1998)DeathArnold Jacobs, American tuba player a.k.a. Song and Wind (born in 1915)
October 7th, 1996 (October 07 1996)DeathGrigoris Asikis, Greek hero and Godied in A singer and songwriter. (born in 1890)
October 7th, 1994 (October 07 1994)DeathNiels Kaj Jerne, English-born Danish immunologist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (born in 1911)
October 7th, 1993 (October 07 1993)EventThe Great Flood of 1993 ends at St. Louis, Missouri, 103 days after it began, as the Mississippi River falls below flood stage.
October 7th, 1993 (October 07 1993)DeathCyril Cusack, Irish actor (born in 1910)
October 7th, 1992 (October 07 1992)DeathAllan Bloom, American philosopher and educator (born in 1930)Allan Bloom Quotes
October 7th, 1992 (October 07 1992)DeathTevfik Esenc, last known speaker of Ubykh (born in 1904)
October 7th, 1991 (October 07 1991)DeathLeo Durocher, American baseball player and manager (born in 1905)
October 7th, 1988 (October 07 1988)BirthStacy DuPree, American musician (Eisley)
October 7th, 1987 (October 07 1987)BirthJeremy Brockie, Australian footballer
October 7th, 1986 (October 07 1986)BirthLee Nguyen, American soccer player
October 7th, 1986 (October 07 1986)BirthGunnar Nielsen, Faroese footballer
October 7th, 1986 (October 07 1986)BirthBree Olson, American adult film actress
October 7th, 1985 (October 07 1985)EventThe "Achille Lauro" is hijacked by Palestinian terrorists.
October 7th, 1985 (October 07 1985)BirthEvan Longoria, American baseball player
October 7th, 1984 (October 07 1984)BirthIkuta Toma, Japanese Singer/Actor
October 7th, 1984 (October 07 1984)BirthSalman Butt, Pakistani cricketer
October 7th, 1982 (October 07 1982)EventCats opens on Broadway and runs for nearly 18 years before closing on September 10, 2000.
October 7th, 1982 (October 07 1982)BirthMadjid Bougherra, Algerian footballer
October 7th, 1982 (October 07 1982)BirthJermain Defoe, English footballer
October 7th, 1982 (October 07 1982)BirthRobby Ginepri, American tennis player
October 7th, 1981 (October 07 1981)DeathAlbert Cohen, Greek-born Swiss novelist (born in 1895)
October 7th, 1980 (October 07 1980)BirthEdison Chen, Canadian-born actor
October 7th, 1979 (October 07 1979)BirthSimona Amanar, Romanian gymnast
October 7th, 1979 (October 07 1979)BirthAaron Ashmore, Canadian actor
October 7th, 1979 (October 07 1979)BirthShawn Ashmore, Canadian actor
October 7th, 1978 (October 07 1978)BirthAlesha Dixon, British pop singer (Mis-Teeq)Alesha Dixon Quotes
October 7th, 1978 (October 07 1978)BirthZaheer Khan, Indian cricketer
October 7th, 1977 (October 07 1977)EventThe adoption of the Fourth Soviet Constitution.
October 7th, 1977 (October 07 1977)BirthBrandon Quinn, American actor
October 7th, 1977 (October 07 1977)BirthMeighan Desmond, New Zealand actress
October 7th, 1976 (October 07 1976)BirthTaylor Hicks, American musician
October 7th, 1976 (October 07 1976)BirthRachel McAdams, Canadian actress
October 7th, 1976 (October 07 1976)BirthSantiago Solari, Argentinian footballer
October 7th, 1976 (October 07 1976)BirthGilberto Silva, Brazilian footballer
October 7th, 1976 (October 07 1976)BirthCharles Woodson, American football player
October 7th, 1976 (October 07 1976)BirthMarc Coma, Spanish motorcycle racer
October 7th, 1975 (October 07 1975)EventGerald R. Ford signs a legislation allowing women to apply for admission to the U.S. military academies, effective in 1976.Gerald Ford Quotes
October 7th, 1975 (October 07 1975)BirthTerry Gerin, American professional wrestler
October 7th, 1975 (October 07 1975)BirthDamian Kulash, American musician (OK Go)
October 7th, 1974 (October 07 1974)BirthAllison Munn, American actress
October 7th, 1974 (October 07 1974)BirthCharlotte Nilsson, Swedish singer
October 7th, 1974 (October 07 1974)BirthAlexander Polinsky, American actor
October 7th, 1973 (October 07 1973)BirthDida, Brazilian footballer
October 7th, 1973 (October 07 1973)BirthSami Hyypia, Finnish footballer
October 7th, 1973 (October 07 1973)BirthPriest Holmes, American Football Running Back
October 7th, 1972 (October 07 1972)BirthBen Younger, American screenwriter and film director
October 7th, 1971 (October 07 1971)BirthDaniel Boucher, Quebecois musician
October 7th, 1970 (October 07 1970)EventRichard Nixon announces a new five-point peace proposal to end the Vietnam War.
October 7th, 1970 (October 07 1970)BirthNicole Ari Parker, American actress
October 7th, 1969 (October 07 1969)BirthJavier Alvarez, Spanish singer-songwriterAl Alvarez Quotes
October 7th, 1969 (October 07 1969)BirthMalia Hosaka, Hawaiian professional wrestler
October 7th, 1969 (October 07 1969)BirthMaria Whittaker, English model
October 7th, 1969 (October 07 1969)DeathLeon Scieur, Belgian cyclist (born in 1888)
October 7th, 1968 (October 07 1968)EventHollywood adopts the movie ratings system.
October 7th, 1968 (October 07 1968)BirthThom Yorke, English singer (Radiohead)Thom Yorke Quotes
October 7th, 1967 (October 07 1967)BirthLuke Haines, English musician (The Auteurs, Black Box Recorder)
October 7th, 1967 (October 07 1967)DeathNorman Angell, British politician and Nobel Laureate (born in 1872)Norman Angell Quotes
October 7th, 1966 (October 07 1966)BirthToni Braxton, American singer
October 7th, 1966 (October 07 1966)BirthMarco Beltrami, Italian-American film composer
October 7th, 1966 (October 07 1966)DeathSmiley Lewis, American musician (born in 1913)
October 7th, 1965 (October 07 1965)BirthGenji Hashimoto, Japanese racing driver
October 7th, 1964 (October 07 1964)BirthSam Brown, English singer-songwriterSam Brown Quotes
October 7th, 1964 (October 07 1964)BirthDan Savage, American sex-columnist and author
October 7th, 1964 (October 07 1964)BirthPaul Stewart, English footballer
October 7th, 1963 (October 07 1963)EventJohn F. Kennedy signs ratification for Partial Test Ban Treaty.John F. Kennedy Quotes
October 7th, 1963 (October 07 1963)EventHurricane Flora hits Haiti and Dominican Republic, kills 7,190.
October 7th, 1962 (October 07 1962)EventU.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya, U.S.S.R.
October 7th, 1962 (October 07 1962)BirthDave Bronconnier, Canadian politician
October 7th, 1961 (October 07 1961)BirthMatthew Roloff, American actor and reality star
October 7th, 1961 (October 07 1961)BirthBrian Mannix, Australian singer and actor
October 7th, 1960 (October 07 1960)EventSecond Kennedy and Nixon debate Cold War foreign policy in the second of four scheduled debates.
October 7th, 1960 (October 07 1960)BirthKyosuke Himuro, Japanese singer
October 7th, 1960 (October 07 1960)BirthViktor Lazlo, Belgian singer
October 7th, 1959 (October 07 1959)EventU.S.S.R. probe Luna 3 transmits first ever photographs of the Far side of the Moon.
October 7th, 1959 (October 07 1959)BirthDylan Baker, American character actor
October 7th, 1959 (October 07 1959)BirthSimon Cowell, English recording executive
October 7th, 1959 (October 07 1959)BirthLourdes Flores, Peruvian politician
October 7th, 1959 (October 07 1959)BirthJean-Marc Fournier, French-Canadian politician
October 7th, 1959 (October 07 1959)DeathMario Lanza, American tenor (born in 1921)
October 7th, 1958 (October 07 1958)EventPresident of Pakistan Iskander Mirza, with the support of General Ayub Khan and the army, suspends the 1956 constitution, imposes martial law, and cancels the elections scheduled for January 1959. Martial Quotes
October 7th, 1958 (October 07 1958)EventU.S. manned space-flight project renamed Project Mercury.
October 7th, 1958 (October 07 1958)BirthJudy Landers, American actress
October 7th, 1957 (October 07 1957)BirthMichael W. Smith, American singer
October 7th, 1957 (October 07 1957)BirthJayne Torvill, British figure skater
October 7th, 1956 (October 07 1956)DeathClarence Birdseye, American inventor (born in 1886)
October 7th, 1955 (October 07 1955)EventBeat poet Allen Ginsberg reads his poem "Howl" for the first time at a poetry reading in San Francisco.
October 7th, 1955 (October 07 1955)BirthYo-Yo Ma, French-born cellist
October 7th, 1955 (October 07 1955)BirthRalph Johnson, American computer scientist
October 7th, 1954 (October 07 1954)BirthKenneth Atchley, American composer
October 7th, 1953 (October 07 1953)BirthTico Torres, Drummer (Bon Jovi)
October 7th, 1952 (October 07 1952)Event"American Bandstand" debuts on a local Philadelphia station.
October 7th, 1952 (October 07 1952)BirthMary Badham, American actress
October 7th, 1952 (October 07 1952)BirthVladimir Putin, Russian politicianVladimir Putin Quotes
October 7th, 1952 (October 07 1952)BirthJacques Richard, Canadian ice hockey player (d.2002)
October 7th, 1952 (October 07 1952)BirthGraham Yallop, Australian cricketer
October 7th, 1951 (October 07 1951)EventMalayan Emergency: Malayan Races Liberation Army (MRLA) ambushes and kills British High Commissioner Sir Henry Gurney.
October 7th, 1951 (October 07 1951)EventDavid Ben-Gurion forms Israeli government.
October 7th, 1951 (October 07 1951)BirthJohn Mellencamp, American singer
October 7th, 1951 (October 07 1951)BirthDavid J. Halberstam, American radio executive
October 7th, 1950 (October 07 1950)EventAnnexation of Tibet by China.
October 7th, 1950 (October 07 1950)EventUnited States forces cross the 38th parallel.
October 7th, 1950 (October 07 1950)BirthJakaya Kikwete, Tanzanian politician
October 7th, 1949 (October 07 1949)EventGerman Democratic Republic (East Germany) formed.
October 7th, 1949 (October 07 1949)EventOne of the earliest television shows, "Ford Theater" debuts
October 7th, 1949 (October 07 1949)BirthDave Hope, American musician (Kansas)
October 7th, 1948 (October 07 1948)BirthDiane Ackerman, American poet and essayist
October 7th, 1946 (October 07 1946)BirthBernard Lavilliers, French singer
October 7th, 1946 (October 07 1946)BirthPengiran Anak Saleha, Queen of Brunei
October 7th, 1945 (October 07 1945)BirthKevin Godley, British musician (10cc)
October 7th, 1944 (October 07 1944)EventWorld War II: Uprising at Birkenau concentration camp.
October 7th, 1944 (October 07 1944)EventWorld War II: Uprising at Auschwitz, Jews burn down crematoria.
October 7th, 1944 (October 07 1944)EventWorld War II: Fieldmarshal Erwin Rommel ordered to return to Berlin.Erwin Rommel Quotes
October 7th, 1944 (October 07 1944)EventWorld War II: Allies bomb sea dikes at Vlissingen.
October 7th, 1944 (October 07 1944)BirthJudee Sill, American musician (died in 1979)
October 7th, 1944 (October 07 1944)BirthDonald Tsang, current Chief executive of Hong Kong
October 7th, 1944 (October 07 1944)DeathHelmut Lent, German night fighter pilot (born in 1918)
October 7th, 1943 (October 07 1943)EventWorld War II: Japan executes 100 American civilian prisoners on Wake Island.
October 7th, 1943 (October 07 1943)BirthJoy Behar, American co-host of The View
October 7th, 1943 (October 07 1943)BirthJose Cardenal, Cuban baseball player
October 7th, 1943 (October 07 1943)BirthOliver North, U.S. Marine, staff officer, television personality and author
October 7th, 1943 (October 07 1943)DeathEugeniusz Bodo, Polish actor (born in 1899)
October 7th, 1943 (October 07 1943)DeathRadclyffe Hall, British author (born in 1880)
October 7th, 1942 (October 07 1942)EventU.S. and British government announce establishment of United Nations.
October 7th, 1942 (October 07 1942)EventWorld War II: A salvo of Katyusha rockets destroys a German battalion in Stalingrad.
October 7th, 1942 (October 07 1942)EventThe October Matanikau action on Guadalcanal begins as United States Marine Corps forces attack Imperial Japanese Army units along the Matanikau River.
October 7th, 1941 (October 07 1941)EventWorld War II: German army occupies Viazma, U.S.S.R.
October 7th, 1940 (October 07 1940)EventWorld War II: Germany invades Romania.
October 7th, 1940 (October 07 1940)EventWorld War II: the McCollum memo proposes bringing the U.S. into the war in Europe by provoking the Japanese to attack the United States.
October 7th, 1940 (October 07 1940)BirthBruce Vento, U.S. Congressman from Minnesota (died in 2000)
October 7th, 1939 (October 07 1939)BirthJohn Hopcroft, American computer scientist
October 7th, 1939 (October 07 1939)BirthClive James, Australian TV presenter and writer
October 7th, 1939 (October 07 1939)BirthHarold Kroto, English chemist, Nobel Prize laureate
October 7th, 1939 (October 07 1939)BirthBill Snyder, American football coach
October 7th, 1938 (October 07 1938)EventGermany demands all Jewish passports stamped with the letter J.
October 7th, 1937 (October 07 1937)BirthMaria Szyszkowska, Polish politician
October 7th, 1936 (October 07 1936)BirthCharles Dutoit, Swiss conductor
October 7th, 1935 (October 07 1935)BirthThomas Keneally, Australian authorThomas Keneally Quotes
October 7th, 1934 (October 07 1934)BirthAmiri Baraka, American writer
October 7th, 1934 (October 07 1934)BirthUlrike Meinhof, German terrorist (died in 1976)
October 7th, 1931 (October 07 1931)EventFirst infrared photograph, Rochester, New York.
October 7th, 1931 (October 07 1931)BirthCotton Fitzsimmons, American basketball coach (died in 2004)
October 7th, 1931 (October 07 1931)BirthDesmond Tutu, South African archbishop and Nobel LaureateDesmond Tutu Quotes
October 7th, 1929 (October 07 1929)EventRamsay MacDonald is the first British premier to address the U.S. Congress.
October 7th, 1929 (October 07 1929)BirthRobert Westall, British author (died in 1993)
October 7th, 1928 (October 07 1928)EventRas Tafari Makonnen crowned negus of Abyssinia by Empress Zauditu.
October 7th, 1928 (October 07 1928)BirthSohrab Sepehri, Persian poet and painter (died in 1980)
October 7th, 1927 (October 07 1927)BirthR. D. Laing, Scottish psychologist (died in 1989)
October 7th, 1927 (October 07 1927)BirthAl Martino, American singer and actor
October 7th, 1926 (October 07 1926)BirthDiana Lynn, American actress (died in 1971)
October 7th, 1926 (October 07 1926)DeathEmil Kraepelin, German psychologist (born in 1856)
October 7th, 1925 (October 07 1925)DeathChristy Mathewson, American baseball player (born in 1880)
October 7th, 1923 (October 07 1923)BirthJean-Paul Riopelle, Quebecois member of Les Automatistes (died in 2002)
October 7th, 1923 (October 07 1923)BirthIrma Grese, Supervisor at Nazi concentration camps
October 7th, 1922 (October 07 1922)EventFormer mayor of Rotterdam Alfred Zimmerman is appointed to represent The Netherlands in the League of Nations.
October 7th, 1922 (October 07 1922)EventFirst radio link, WNJ (Newark, New Jersey) and WGY (Schenectady) link for World Series.
October 7th, 1922 (October 07 1922)BirthGrady Hatton, American baseball player
October 7th, 1921 (October 07 1921)BirthRaymond Goethals, Belgian football coach (died in 2004)
October 7th, 1919 (October 07 1919)EventKLM of the Netherlands was foundedied in It is the oldest airline still operating under its original name.
October 7th, 1919 (October 07 1919)EventFirst London-Amsterdam airline service (Britain Aerial Transport and KLM).
October 7th, 1919 (October 07 1919)BirthSir Zelman Cowen, Australian politician
October 7th, 1919 (October 07 1919)DeathAlfred Deakin, second Prime Minister of Australia (born in 1856)
October 7th, 1917 (October 07 1917)BirthJune Allyson, American actress (died in 2006)
October 7th, 1916 (October 07 1916)EventGeorgia Tech defeats Cumberland University 222-0 in the most lopsided victory in American college football.
October 7th, 1914 (October 07 1914)EventThe Marriage of Rose Fitzgerald to Joseph Patrick KennedyPatrick Fitzgerald Quotes
October 7th, 1914 (October 07 1914)BirthAlfred Drake, American actor (died in 1992)
October 7th, 1914 (October 07 1914)BirthSarah Churchill, British actress (died in 1982)
October 7th, 1913 (October 07 1913)BirthSimon Carmiggelt, Dutch journalist and writer (died in 1987)
October 7th, 1912 (October 07 1912)EventThe Helsinki Stock Exchange sees its first transaction.
October 7th, 1912 (October 07 1912)BirthFernando Belaunde Terry, President of Peru (died in 2002)
October 7th, 1911 (October 07 1911)BirthVaughn Monroe, American singer (died in 1973)
October 7th, 1911 (October 07 1911)BirthShura Cherkassky, Ukrainian classical pianist (died in 1995)
October 7th, 1911 (October 07 1911)DeathJohn Hughlings Jackson, English neurologist (born in 1835)
October 7th, 1910 (October 07 1910)BirthHenry P. McIlhenny, American philanthropist (died in 1986)
October 7th, 1909 (October 07 1909)BirthAnni Blomqvist, Finnish novelist (died in 1990)
October 7th, 1908 (October 07 1908)EventCrete revolts against the Ottoman Empire and aligns with Greece.
October 7th, 1907 (October 07 1907)EventFrance s Henry Farman flies 30 m in a biplane.
October 7th, 1907 (October 07 1907)BirthVictor Paz Estenssoro, Bolivian politician (died in 2001)
October 7th, 1906 (October 07 1906)DeathHonore Beaugrand, Canadian journalist and politician, mayor of Montreal (born in 1848)
October 7th, 1905 (October 07 1905)BirthAndy Devine, American actor (died in 1977)
October 7th, 1904 (October 07 1904)EventBaseball: New York Highlander Jack Chesbro wins record 41st game of season (41-12).
October 7th, 1903 (October 07 1903)DeathRudolf Lipschitz, German mathematician (born in 1832)
October 7th, 1900 (October 07 1900)EventThe term "orienteering" is first used for an event.
October 7th, 1900 (October 07 1900)BirthHeinrich Himmler, German Nazi official (died in 1945)Heinrich Himmler Quotes
October 7th, 1898 (October 07 1898)BirthJoe Giard, American baseball player (died in 1956)
October 7th, 1897 (October 07 1897)BirthElijah Muhammad, American Black Muslim leader (died in 1975)
October 7th, 1894 (October 07 1894)BirthDel Lord, American director (died in 1970)
October 7th, 1894 (October 07 1894)DeathOliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., American writer (born in 1809)
October 7th, 1892 (October 07 1892)BirthDwain Esper, director (died in 1982)
October 7th, 1888 (October 07 1888)BirthHenry A. Wallace, Vice President of the United States (died in 1965)
October 7th, 1886 (October 07 1886)EventSpain abolishes slavery in Cuba.
October 7th, 1885 (October 07 1885)BirthNiels Bohr, Danish physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (d.1962)Niels Bohr Quotes
October 7th, 1884 (October 07 1884)BirthMajor Harold Geiger, U.S. Army aviation pioneer (died in 1927)
October 7th, 1882 (October 07 1882)EventBaseball: In Game 2 of the first exhibition series between the Champions of the National League and the American Association, Chicago (NL) beats Cincinnati (AA) 2-0.
October 7th, 1881 (October 07 1881)BirthMikhail Drozdovsky, Russian general (died in 1918)
October 7th, 1879 (October 07 1879)EventGermany and Austria-Hungary sign the "Twofold Covenant" and create the Dual Alliance.
October 7th, 1870 (October 07 1870)EventLeon Gambetta flees Paris in a balloon.
October 7th, 1868 (October 07 1868)EventCornell University holds opening day ceremonies; initial student enrollment is 412, the most at any American university to that date.
October 7th, 1866 (October 07 1866)BirthWlodimir Ledochowski, Polish-Austrian director of the Society of Jesus (died in 1942)
October 7th, 1865 (October 07 1865)EventThe Morant Bay Rebellion starts in Jamaica.
October 7th, 1864 (October 07 1864)EventBattle of Darbytown Road (American Civil War): the Confederate forces attempt to regain ground that had been lost around Richmond is thwarted.
October 7th, 1864 (October 07 1864)EventAmerican Civil War: U.S.S. "Wachusett" captures the C.S.S. "Florida" Confederate raider ship while in port in Bahia, Brazil.
October 7th, 1849 (October 07 1849)BirthJames Whitcomb Riley, American poet (died in 1916)James Whitcomb Riley Quotes
October 7th, 1849 (October 07 1849)DeathEdgar Allan Poe, American writer (born in 1809)Edgar Allan Poe Quotes
October 7th, 1841 (October 07 1841)BirthKing Nicholas I of Montenegro (died in 1921)
October 7th, 1840 (October 07 1840)EventWillem II becomes King of the Netherlands.
October 7th, 1835 (October 07 1835)BirthFelix Draeseke, German composer (died in 1913)
October 7th, 1828 (October 07 1828)EventThe city of Patras, Greece is liberated by the French expeditionary force in Peloponnese under General Maison.
October 7th, 1826 (October 07 1826)EventGranite Railway (first chartered railway in the U.S.) begins operations.
October 7th, 1825 (October 07 1825)EventMiramichi Fire, disaster in New Brunswick
October 7th, 1816 (October 07 1816)EventThe first double-decked steamboat, the "Washington," arrives in New Orleans, Louisiana.
October 7th, 1796 (October 07 1796)DeathThomas Reid, Scottish philosopher (born in 1710) Philo Quotes
October 7th, 1793 (October 07 1793)DeathWills Hill, 1st Marquess of Downshire, English politician (born in 1718)
October 7th, 1792 (October 07 1792)DeathGeorge Mason, American statesman (born in 1725)George Mason Quotes
October 7th, 1787 (October 07 1787)DeathHenry Muhlenberg, German-born founder of the U.S. Lutheran Church (born in 1711)
October 7th, 1786 (October 07 1786)BirthLouis-Joseph Papineau, Canadian lawyer and politician (died in 1871)
October 7th, 1780 (October 07 1780)EventAmerican Revolutionary War: Battle of Kings Mountain American Patriot militia defeat Loyalist irregulars led by British colonel Patrick Ferguson in South Carolina.
October 7th, 1777 (October 07 1777)EventAmerican Revolutionary War: Americans beat the British in the Second Battle of Saratoga, also known as the Battle of Bemis Heights.
October 7th, 1776 (October 07 1776)EventCrown Prince Paul of Russia marries Sophie Marie Dorothea of Wurttemberg.
October 7th, 1772 (October 07 1772)DeathJohn Woolman, American Quaker preacher and abolitionist (born in 1720)
October 7th, 1769 (October 07 1769)EventEnglish explorer, Captain Cook, sails to New Zealand.
October 7th, 1769 (October 07 1769)BirthSolomon Sibley, American politician (died in 1846) Solomon Quotes
October 7th, 1765 (October 07 1765)EventStamp Act Congress convenes in NY.
October 7th, 1763 (October 07 1763)EventGeorge III of Great Britain issues British Royal Proclamation of 1763, closing aboriginal lands in North America north and west of Alleghenies to white settlements.
October 7th, 1748 (October 07 1748)BirthKing Charles XIII of Sweden (died in 1818)
October 7th, 1744 (October 07 1744)BirthSergey Vyazmitinov, Russian general and statesman (died in 1819)
October 7th, 1737 (October 07 1737)Event40-foot (12 m) waves sink 20,000 small craft and kill 300,000 (Bengal, India).
October 7th, 1728 (October 07 1728)BirthCaesar Rodney, American lawyer (died in 1784)
October 7th, 1714 (October 07 1714)EventBeer tax riots in Alkmaar, the Netherlands.
October 7th, 1713 (October 07 1713)BirthGranville Elliott, British military officer (died in 1759)
October 7th, 1708 (October 07 1708)DeathGuru Gobind Singh, tenth Sikh Guru (born in 1666)
October 7th, 1702 (October 07 1702)EventEnglish/Dutch troops under John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough occupy Roermond.
October 7th, 1690 (October 07 1690)EventEnglish attack Quebec under Louis de Buade.
October 7th, 1653 (October 07 1653)DeathFausto Poli, Italian Catholic priest (born in 1581)
October 7th, 1651 (October 07 1651)DeathJacques Sirmond, French Jesuit scholar (born in 1559)
October 7th, 1637 (October 07 1637)EventPrince Frederick Henry of Orange occupies Breda.
October 7th, 1637 (October 07 1637)DeathVictor Amadeus I, Duke of Savoy (born in 1587)
October 7th, 1620 (October 07 1620)DeathStanislaw Zolkiewski, Polish military leader (born in 1547)
October 7th, 1612 (October 07 1612)DeathGiovanni Battista Guarini, Italian poet, dramatist, and diplomat, (born in 1538)
October 7th, 1589 (October 07 1589)BirthMaria Magdalena of Austria, Grand Duchess of Tuscany (died in 1631)
October 7th, 1582 (October 07 1582)EventBecause of the implementation of the Gregorian calendar this day does not exist in this year in Italy, Poland, Portugal and Spain.
October 7th, 1577 (October 07 1577)DeathGeorge Gascoigne, English poet
October 7th, 1576 (October 07 1576)BirthJohn Marston, English writer (died in 1634)John Marston Quotes
October 7th, 1573 (October 07 1573)BirthWilliam Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury (died in 1645)
October 7th, 1571 (October 07 1571)EventThe Battle of Lepanto is fought, and the Holy League (Spain and Italy) destroys the Turkish fleet.Roy Turk Quotes
October 7th, 1555 (October 07 1555)DeathLouis of Praet, Habsburg diplomat (born in 1488)
October 7th, 1553 (October 07 1553)DeathCristobal de Morales, Spanish composer (bc. 1500)
October 7th, 1542 (October 07 1542)EventExplorer Cabrillo discovered Santa Catalina Island off California coast.
October 7th, 1520 (October 07 1520)EventFirst public burning of books in Flanders, in Leuven.
October 7th, 1513 (October 07 1513)EventBattle of La Motta: Spanish troops under Ramon de Cardona defeat the Venetians.
October 7th, 1506 (October 07 1506)EventPope Julius II and France occupy Bologna.
October 7th, 1492 (October 07 1492)EventChristopher Columbus misses Florida when he changes course.Christopher Columbus Quotes
October 7th, 1471 (October 07 1471)BirthKing Frederick I of Denmark and Norway (died in 1533)
October 7th, 1368 (October 07 1368)DeathLionel of Antwerp, 1st Duke of Clarence, son of Edward III of England (born in 1338)
October 7th, 0929 (October 07 0929)DeathCharles the Simple, King of France (born in 879)
October 7th, 0336 (October 07 0336)EventPope Mark dies, leaving the papacy vacant.
October 7th, 0336 (October 07 0336)DeathPope Mark

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